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Current openings

Full Stack/Front End Engineer (East London)

Our Stack

It’s no secret that developing software is hard. Very hard. Collaborating to build software is even tougher. Because of this, only a tiny percentage of people are capable of shipping software. Stepsize was founded with the belief that it doesn’t have to be this complicated; world-class devtools with great design, UX and artificial intelligence can help us gradually simplify software development until it becomes universally accessible.

We’re a very tight team based in the heart of London’s tech scene doing what they love most: shaping the modern dev team’s workflow and pushing the limits of what people expect from devtools. We work with cutting edge technologies and solve novel sets of challenges every single day.

Stepsize was recently backed by some of the best investors on the planet, and we are now looking for outstanding people to join the founding team and become part of the company’s DNA.

Please send us your CV and cover letter (optional) at join@stepsize.com and specify the position for which you’re applying :)