Operations & Growth (London)

£25-35k, >0-0.45% stock options

About Stepsize

Stepsize’s mission is to make software development universally accessible by abstracting away programming languages. This is the first sentence of the job description because it is crucial to us that we hire people who identify with our mission viscerally so that they can carry it forward.

Our first product is a tool which automatically documents agile software development teams' codebases by leveraging data from the tools they use every day (version control, code hosting, project management, continuous integration, communication, etc.), structuring that data and making it easily accessible from our desktop and web apps.

Over time, we’ll build upon the data available to us to introduce intelligent assistive products to automate the vast majority of what is known today as software development, allowing anyone with an idea to create software without writing any code.

Stepsize is backed by some of the best investors on the planet and has ample runway to iterate towards product market fit.

Your Role

As our first operations hire and one of our first employees, you will be joining a very tight founding team of long-time friends and our first two hires on their exciting adventure to shape the modern developer’s workflow and push the limits of what people expect from devtools. Expect full support and understanding from a team of four experienced founders who want nothing more but to make you part of Stepsize’s DNA.

You will work directly with two of the founders (the CEO and CTO), your role will touch on all areas of the business including planning, finance, employment, HR and legal. In many instances, the team will rely on you to address key operational challenges from scratch.

Aside from the expected organisational ability, if you’re a self-starter who wants nothing more than to run with your own initiatives and appreciates candid discussions, then come join us :)


  • Define and implement processes necessary for Stepsize to fulfill our information security and commercial promises to our customers
  • Take the lead on initiatives like making sure Stepsize is GDPR compliant, or completing Cyber Smart and ISO certifications
  • Take ownership of relationships with the service providers that Stepsize works with (e.g. accountants and recruiters)
  • Take care of office admin whenever necessary. We’re a small startup so this will range from planning a working holiday for the entire team to making sure we never run out of coffee (which would be a catastrophe :o)
  • Assist the Co-founder & CEO in all growth and fundraising activities
  • Help onboard new customers and manage accounts


  • You have 2+ years’ experience in an operations role in a start-up or early stage tech company
  • You make the trains run on time
  • You are motivated, organized, fast learner and have very good management skills
  • You should be comfortable working in all the usual Google for Work or Microsoft Office tools
  • You are an excellent oral and written communicator
  • You have both a strong attention to details and an ability to see the wider picture and to focus your efforts where they are most needed
  • You are excited and motivated by challenging and multifaceted problems
  • You are flexible, a fast learner and are happy to apply yourself to different areas of the company when needed