Our mission is to help you create software

Stepsize is a technology company that builds tools for people to create better software faster. Modern engineering teams use our first product to reliably measure and track technical debt so they can ship better software faster.

Software development is extremely knowledge intensive which makes it slow, expensive, and error prone. And if you’re non technical you can’t bring your ideas to life yourself.

Our purpose is to change that by gradually reducing the knowledge and expertise you need to create software.

Code Intelligence products to unlock the knowledge hidden in codebases.

Leverage that knowledge to automate individual parts of the development process.

Tie these components together as an AI that becomes the world’s outsourced development team.

Want to define the future of software development?


Nick Omeyer
Product & Data

Matthieu Louis

Alex Omeyer

Jared Burgess
Design & Development


Patt-tom McDonnell
Software Engineer
Sarah Ball
Product Designer
James Greenaway
UX Engineer
Stefanie Satna
Operations & Growth


Pietro Bezza
Board member

Serkan Piantino
Co-founder, Facebook’s AI Lab
Founder & CEO, Spell


Mike Hudack
CTO, Deliveroo

Ahmed Medhat
Data Science Lead, Facebook

Michael Orland
former CSO & CRO, Songkick

Justin Spratt
Head of Business, Uber