Product Designer (East London)

£40-80k, 0.3-0.6% stock options

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Who said a job description had to be a one-pager?

Your time is valuable, and so is ours. And this is a huge decision for both of us.

So we've done our best to provide you with all the information you need to decide whether to pursue this opportunity – or just as importantly, not pursue it.

Table of contents

  • TLDR – is this for me? // should i read on, or move on?
  • About Stepsize // why do these people get out of bed in the morning?
  • About this role // where would i fit in? why does it matter?
  • Requirements // are we meant to be together? 💞
  • Next steps // ok i'm sold, what now?

TLDR – is this for me?

Read on if...

  • You would be proud to help people create software
  • You care about the quality of your work
  • You want to be challenged and grow
  • You are self-motivated
  • You seek out different & opposing points of view
  • You enjoy healthy debates and scrutinise consensus

Move on if...

  • You're happy with the way you do things
  • You find it difficult to move forward when some people disagree with you
  • You dislike uncertainty
  • You're looking for a stable job that won't change much

About Stepsize

Our mission is to make software development universally accessible.

Software fuels progress, but creating and maintaining it is hard. It’s painful to think about all the ideas that never saw the light of day because of this, and how different the world could be if they had.

We want to live in a world where anyone can create software on their own, without technical knowledge.

This is a multi-decade plan. We’re aware of it, but we don’t shy away from it.

We can’t make software development universally accessible today, but we can accelerate it. So the journey begins with software development teams.

Today we help teams access and use knowledge to create better software faster

Agile engineering teams face a really tough challenge: their codebases change constantly which means it’s impossible to have accurate and up-to-date internal documentation. This is particularly problematic for teams growing rapidly or those with high turnover.

Our product solves this problem by creating self-maintaining documentation, automatically tying together data from all the tools these teams use every day. We start with the assumption that codebases are evolving constantly and generate documentation that is tailored to capture change, like a version control system. The traditional approach is to capture the state of things at a single point in time, ideally the present – this cannot work in a world of continuous delivery.

With Stepsize knowledge doesn’t get lost, time isn’t wasted digging it up, and teams are happier and more performant.

Tomorrow we’ll help teams turn knowledge into superpowers to create better software faster

Embedded in this data are insights about how to work smarter. Certain mundane activities can be automated while others can be done better with assistance. Tomorrow's teams will get superhuman amounts of 💩 done.

This paves the way to our long term vision of universal software development.

The data software development teams generate in their day-to-day represents how human concepts become functioning software. By assisting teams in that process, we'll gradually deepen our understanding of how the sausage gets made. Eventually, Stepsize will become a sausage software factory.

About this role

As a product designer, you’ll be responsible for defining our product: what it does, why, how, and who it does it for.

This will place you at the intersection of many disciplines and stakeholders, and you’ll have to figure out how to bring it all together as a cohesive whole.

Fundamentally our product is about retrieving and consuming complex and varied information. The challenge is multidimensional – you need to separate the uninteresting from the significant and understand what information is needed when, by whom, and why.

This will require you to have a strong empathy for our users and to immerse yourself in the day to day life of every actor in modern agile teams.

Although you’ll spend the majority of your time designing our product, you’ll also be involved in our marketing efforts, in particular designing our marketing website. You’ll also frequently meet with users to gather feedback and test existing product features as well as upcoming ones.

As Stepsize grows, we’re gradually moving towards a model of full stack micro-teams charged with defining and delivering projects from start to finish. This means that you will work closely with engineers to guide and support their prototyping efforts as we converge onto a specific idea.

Activities you’ll regularly engage in:

  • Defining and framing valuable projects (from scratch)
  • Designing solutions to deliver that value
  • Working with frontend engineers to prototype these solutions
  • Meeting with users to gather feedback and test prototypes
  • Digesting our sales process and the technical documentation of tools we integrate with to design the setup flow of the product
  • Sharing your work through written briefs, storyboards & flows, and demos


Work experience

Basically, designing new experiences to improve the lives of people is what you do for a living.

Relevant experience:

  • Turning ideas into thorough product designs
  • Interacting with users to understand their needs
  • Solving design challenges that have information and data at their core
  • Immersion in an agile software development team with visibility on and understanding of the whole process
  • Designing smoooooth marketing websites

Domain knowledge

Programming literacy

You understand what programming is about and you’ve written a significant amount of code before. This is a requirement because:

  • It means you’re intimately familiar with what being a software developer is like and sets you up for success designing a product for them.
  • We like to prototype ideas with code so we can see how they perform with real-world data flowing through. The more involved you are in this process the better.

Agile software development

It’s crucial that:

  • You understand the modern agile software development process, the actors involved and their specific needs, as well as the tools they use and how they fit together
  • You’re confident that if this is not true today, it can be true within months of joining us, and you know how to get there and will make it happen


We look for people who behave, communicate, and think in ways that exemplify the culture that we want to preserve and nurture as the company grows.



Something can be done better? Something doesn't look right? You take it upon yourself to bring it up and do something about it.


Your work is yours. You own the journey, the successes, and the failures.


You adapt to the situation at hand. In particular, you recognise:

Team work

You cultivate good teamwork and understand its value. You make the most of your teammates’ knowledge, and you enjoy helping them back.



You realise that being a good communicator is mostly about being a good listener.

Efficiency, clarity, and precision

You value efficiency so you're constantly solving for the shortest path solution in any exchange.

Understand > convince

You focus on understanding the other person's perspective when you have a disagreement before even considering convincing them that yours is the right one.


You have a tendency to over-communicate to build alignment with the team.

Thought process

Intellectual curiosity

You see your education as a life long project and driving it forward a priority.

Intellectual security

You see being wrong as an opportunity to learn from your peers rather than as a display of weakness or something to be ashamed of.

Intellectual honesty

You look for the best argument for and against every idea, regardless of where the idea came from, and in the end the best argument wins. Ego never gets in the way of truth.

Intellectual humility

You respect established knowledge, recognise its value, and make the most of it whenever you can...

Intellectual independence

...but ultimately you make up your own mind about things. Even about things that are widely accepted to be the case.

Next steps

  • Play around with our dev app (email, password StepsizeDem0)
  • Drop us a line at and tell us a bit about yourself and why you'd like to apply for this position (include some sort of CV please)

Equal opportunity

We’d hope this went without saying, but sadly it doesn’t, so we want to explicitly note that we’re an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.