The AI companion for software projects

CollabGPT keeps track of everything happening in Slack, Jira and GitHub to provide rich summaries, and suggestions on what to do next.

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Slack Summarisation, GitHub and Jira collaboration tool

Automatic progress reports

CollabGPT understands what your engineering and product people need to know, and when.
Keep track  of your teams’ activities across platforms like Slack, Teams, GitHub, and Jira.
Smart suggestions AI for software developers: CollabGPT

Proactive suggestions

CollabGPT uses context  from all of your platforms to make actionable suggestions on what to do next.
Make better decisions. Faster.
AI Personal Assistant Daily Standup Manager: CollabGPT

Ask it anything

Get instant answers about your projects, without having to scroll through a single page.
Set smart reminders and alerts to never miss a topic.
Privacy Command Centre of Slack AI for Project Managers and Scrum

Privacy Command Centre

Manage how your team members interact with CollabGPT.
Maintain a secure, compliant environment with granular access controls, consent requests, and more.

What you can ask CollabGPT

Notify me when this PR is ready for review

What's the latest on this release?

Get me up to date on this thread / channel

How's the current sprint going?

Is the number of bug reports increasing?

And many more...

Who typically works on Checkout tasks?

Let me know when issues move to  Done

Built with security in mind

Granular control

Manage user permissions, channel access, repository access, and more

Data, protected

Your data is secured by major cloud providers

Collaborate internally, never beyond

Your data never trains any AI model, anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

What difference does CollabGPT make to collaboration?

CollabGPT helps you make better decisions, faster. Much faster, in fact.

Do you spend chunks of time catching up on what’s happened in Jira? Or trawling through Slack threads looking for the information you need? Do your team miss crucial information and end up duplicating effort or end up blocked because people aren’t on the same page?

CollabGPT keeps track of everything happening in your team's communication and project management tools, so that you don’t have to.

It provides rich summaries of what’s happened and intelligent suggestions for next steps. You can ask CollabGPT anything about what’s happening with your projects so that you can get the answers you need instantly.

By doing so, it minimises redundant meetings, streamlines decision-making, and improves resource allocation.

Collaboration with CollabGPT is your competitive strength, not a constant challenge.

Is my data secure when using CollabGPT?

Yes, your data is secure. We use major cloud providers to secure data, and never store any data that isn’t required to provide our service. We cannot read your code. Your data is never used to train any AI model, anywhere.

Is CollabGPT just a layer between our data and an LLM?

No, CollabGPT is not merely a layer between your data and an LLM.

CollabGPT employs a sophisticated generative AI agent architecture that allows it to "remember" your project's full history. This enables CollabGPT to provide substantially enhanced, contextually rich insights and offer intelligent suggestions on the next steps to take.

Who is CollabGPT for?

CollabGPT is designed for people who create software. It’s a cross-team collaboration tool that works best for people working in engineering, product management and project management.

Whether you’re a business leader or an individual contributor, CollabGPT can be tailored to your needs to surface the information you care about most.

Can we customise CollabGPT for our team’s needs?

Yes, CollabGPT can be customised to fit your team's unique needs and preferences. Integrate with the tools you already use, like Slack, Jira and GitHub.

Give CollabGPT scoped access to the channels and repos that matter for individual teams and get relevant insights and recommendations for your team's specific workflow and requirements.

What tools does CollabGPT integrate with?

CollabGPT integrates with widely-used communication and project management tools including Slack, Jira, and GitHub. We’ll be adding more integrations soon.