10 Best AI Tools Project Managers Need to Know in 2024

Alexandre Omeyer
Alexandre Omeyer
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I review the best AI for project managers to help get that competitive advantage in 2024. I'll discuss 1. Stepsize 2. Motion 3. Notion 4. Process Street, 5. Forecast 6. Ayanza 7. ClickUp 8. Trello 9. Asana 10. Monday

10 Best AI Tools Project Managers Need to Know in 2024

Choosing the right artificial intelligence (AI) tools can unlock significant, lasting competitive advantages.

But it’s a hard space to navigate, because AI is moving so quickly. However, some AI software stands out for their exceptional capabilities and unique advantages that they offer to project management professionals.

As we begin 2024, I’ve picked out ten of the very best AI tools for project managers to take advantage of.

1. Stepsize AI

Stepsize AI generates weekly reports on product development progress, without you having to lift a finger.

It observes everything happening in your project management software, and uses AI to develop context, understanding of sprint goals, and form connections between tasks and activities.

It uses this to generate accurate, automatic Agile reports with the perfect amount of context and commentary.

Right now, it works with your Jira boards and Linear teams. Soon, it’ll support many other issue trackers.

Best AI for Project Managers & Agile Scrum Masters

Best features

  • Context-aware AI – it grasps the nuanced context of projects, sub-projects and goals
  • Concise, readable updates – data overload is a common occurrence. Stepsize AI curates the insights that matter and conveys them concisely.
  • Goal-centric reporting – it innately links your project and sprint progress to objectives.
Agile Metrics Tools for Project Management

Importantly, it’s built security-first, so you can be sure your data is safe and – of course – never used to train an AI model.

Pricing: Your first update is free. Stepsize AI costs $29/month per regular update.


Perfect if you (or your team) wastes time every week compiling reports or chasing people for updates. Also ideal if your updates frequently lack alignment with goals, context or commentary – or are prone to having too little or too much detail.

Check out Stepsize AI here – you can get your first update for free in a few minutes.

2. Motion

Second in our list of project management is Motion. Motion is an AI-powered project management tool and time management solution.

Prioritising tasks and allocating resources is time-consuming and repetitive. Motion exists to eliminate as much of that pain as possible.

Motion automatically prioritises tasks, creates schedules and completes workload analysis. That frees up a whole load of valuable time and takes away much of the human error that creeps into projects.

Best features

  • Smart task prioritization and automated schedule generation
  • Dynamic adjustment to schedules for optimized time management
  • Customizable meeting pages, eliminating the need for additional booking software

Pricing – $34 monthly for individual users, or $20/user/month for teams at the time of writing. Reduced prices for annual billing.


Ideal for project managers overwhelmed by scheduling and task juggling. Its AI capabilities effectively reduce busywork so you can focus on high-value activities. It might take a bit of adjustment for those used to manual scheduling, but the gains in productivity are well worth the leap.

Give Motion a spin

3. Notion

Notion puts your documentation, knowledge base, and project management in one beautiful place.

This tool is a big winner in its space, and the main reason for that is that it does a lot of what a PM needs, really well, and in one space. I don’t know anybody who isn’t pleased to use Notion. It’s slick and easy to use and navigate. It also has a range of third-party integrations.

Its AI features let you do things like summarise meeting notes, get started with writing drafts or rewriting. Nothing here is groundbreaking, but having it within the platform can be convenient.

Best features

  • Elegant user interface that is popular with pretty much everybody
  • Project boards that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional
  • AI-powered writing and summarization tools for productivity

Pricing – Free for individuals. Limited team features for $10/user/month, with most features available for $18/user/month at the time of writing. Reduced prices for annual billing.


For teams that prioritise a unified workspace, Notion is a godsend. Its AI features may not be revolutionary, but they offer convenience if you can get into the habit of using them, and it could possibly save subscription costs for other tools. 

Try out Notion

4. Process Street

Process Street aims to turn chaotic workflows into streamlined processes.

It’s a no-code workflow automation platform. The main use cases are things like task automation, process documentation, and workflow creation. The interface is friendly and intuitive. Its underlying AI is powered by generative AI techniques like those found in ChatGPT, and exist to facilitate quick workflow generation, task creation, data manipulation and more. The result is less manual labor and fewer errors.

You might expect to see the likes of Zapier or IFTTT on this list too. Both are great automation tools well worth looking into if you’re interested in this category. While these tools are aimed at SMBs, Process Street enjoys more powerful features and attracts the attention of large enterprises, too.

Best features

  • AI-powered workflow automation
  • Dynamic instruction generation and document analysis
  • Extensive integration with common workplace tools

Pricing – $100/mo for up to 5 users and limited customisations and support. Most features unlock from $415/mo, or get the works from $1660/mo including enhanced security features. Discounts for annual billing.


The AI Workflow Generator is great for teams that need to create complex workflows quickly, and the interface is friendly and intuitive. Process Street was the first in its category to be powered by AI, and you can feel that AI is built into the platform in a way that doesn’t feel like an afterthought.

Try out Process Street

5. Forecast

Forecast AI-driven platform designed to optimize resource and project management for better financial outcomes.

Forecast connects your work, resources, and finances. That makes it a pretty complete platform for managing all aspects of project delivery. It uses AI-powered project management and data analytics to be able to give smart recommendations, risk warnings, and actionable insights into project and financial management. 

What sets Forecast apart is its capacity to learn from your organizational patterns and outcomes. That makes it able to tailor its advice to your unique operational context, thus making the execution of projects more predictable and efficient. Its AI features promise not only to boost team productivity but also to provide a comprehensive overview of financial performance, enabling cost-cutting and profit maximization.

Best features

  • AI-powered insights for proactive risk management and decision-making
  • Real-time tailored recommendations to improve team efficiency and focus
  • Predictive analytics for accurate forecasting of task completion and budget consumption

Pricing – They don’t share their pricing online.


Forecast is particularly suited for medium to large businesses that manage multiple projects simultaneously and seek to maximize resource utilization and financial return. 

Check out Forecast

6. Ayanza

Ayanza is a social-first project management platform emphasising team health and success.

Unlike traditional project management software, Ayanza places a strong emphasis on team collaboration and wellbeing. It integrates the usual suite of project management features with a social media-like interface to keep team members engaged and informed. Its AI capabilities shine in areas like content creation, offering prompts and assistance akin to ChatGPT, and providing smart suggestions for project planning. What stands out to me is its "Rhythms" feature that helps in organising team events, which can significantly boost team morale.

Best features

  • Intuitive interface with a variety of templates for quick project setup
  • Real-time updates through a newsfeed board to keep everyone in sync
  • Communication tools like group chats and direct messaging

Pricing – Up to 5 users can try Ayanza free with limited features. For GPT-3.5 AI features and unlimited users, it’s $6/user/mo at the time of writing, or $15/user/mo for GPT-4.


Ayanza is a challenger in PM tools that your team could consider if building a close-knit team culture is a priority. While it may not be as feature-rich as some of its competitors, its focus on community and internal communication is its unique selling point.

Learn how Ayanza works.

7. ClickUp

ClickUp is a comprehensive all-in-one project management suite with a vast array of productivity tools.

ClickUp aims to be the Swiss army knife of project management. Its newest AI features help personalize task completion and streamline project planning. Its breadth is impressive, offering everything from chat to whiteboards.

Best features

  • A broad feature set that reduces the need for multiple tools
  • Role-specific AI assistance for task management, such as project timelines, briefs and RACIs
  • Configurable notifications for up-to-date project tracking

Pricing – Single users can try Clickup free with limited features. Get unlimited usage from $7/user/mo and advanced features from $12/user/mo at the time of writing. 


ClickUp fits best with smaller teams or organizations that prize having a single, unified project management solution. Its expansive toolset is admirable, but I’ve found that it still lacks customisability compared to the likes of Asana and Monday below. This is probably a symptom of how generalist it is, and might be a problem for larger businesses (and a mild annoyance for others!)

Find out more about ClickUp

8. Trello

Trello is a classic project management tool revitalized with AI integrations.

As a veteran in the project management space, Trello – now owned by Atlassian – keeps things straightforward with its board and card system. 

Now enhanced with AI, including the Strategy-AI power-up, Trello assists in anticipating events and prioritizing tasks. Despite its simplicity, which might be a limitation for complex projects, Trello remains a staple due to its extensive integrations and user-friendly automation tools. The Strategy-AI and Butler automation make it a strong contender for those who value time-saving features and simplicity.

Best features

  • Vast array of integration options for extended functionality
  • Strategy-AI power-up for predictive task management and insights
  • Butler automation to streamline repetitive tasks and workflows

Pricing – Trello is free with limited features. Get unlimited boards, more storage and some custom features from $6/user/mo and advanced features from $12.50/user/mo at the time of writing. Discounts available for annual billing.


Trello is a great fit for smaller teams and projects that don't require complex functionality. Its AI capabilities keep it relevant in a competitive market, offering just enough automation and foresight to maintain efficiency without overwhelming users. However, teams requiring deep customization and extensive features may need to look beyond Trello.

Try out Trello here

9. Asana

Asana is a robust, full-stack project management tool known for its vast integration ecosystem.

Asana target medium to large-sized companies. Their breadth of features and over 200 integrations make it a powerhouse in project management. Its AI component, Asana Intelligence, aims to streamline workflow efficiency by identifying bottlenecks and reallocating resources. 

Best features

  • Comprehensive AI-enhanced task management with multiple views
  • Wide range of pre-made templates to accelerate project setup
  • Extensive list of integrations to fit into any company's tech stack

Pricing – Teams can use Asana limited features for free. Useful features including AI unlock at £11.59/user/mo and advanced features from £25.69/user/mo at the time of writing with discounts for annual billing.


Asana is particularly well-suited for medium-sized businesses that require a robust project management system with flexibility and integration capacity. While its AI features provide valuable insights and efficiencies, getting the most out of Asana does require a well-thought-out setup. 

Check out Asana.

10. Monday

Monday is a highly customizable "Work OS" with a standout user experience and AI assistance.

Monday.com is a top pick for its blend of customization options and user-friendly design. The Monday AI Assistant augments task generation and email composition, among other things. While its AI tools may not break new ground, they serve practical functions that can alleviate some of the more mundane aspects of project management.

Best features

  • An AI assistant that simplifies routine tasks and creates efficiency
  • Varied project views including Gantt charts and Kanban boards for personalized management
  • A selection of pre-made templates for quick and easy project initiation

Pricing – Two users can try Monday free with limited features. Get all features for £14/user/mo billed annually at the time of writing – there are two more tiers with various service levels at £7 and £9 respectively.


Monday.com is a great-looking, ergonomic tool. I’ve got a soft spot for Monday over its competitors (I’ve tried ClickUp, Asana and Trello) because the UI is so sleek, and its super customisable with very little effort. While its AI offerings are not revolutionary, they are practical and useful in everyday situations.ence just as much as functionality.

Learn more about Monday

That’s it!

Leveraging project management AI in your project management toolkit not only streamlines operations but can also help you make better decisions and collaborate better.

Project managers and project teams that nail their AI adoption have an opportunity to enjoy a sustained competitive advantage. 

My team has designed and developed Stepsize AI, an AI project companion that makes product development reporting effortless.

It provides powerful and precise updates with the perfect level of context and detail.

Discover Stepsize AI here – you can get your first report for free in just a few minutes. I’d love to know what you think.

Never trawl through Slack, Jira or GitHub for updates again.

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