3 GenAI Tools to Eliminate Time Wastage in Engineering and Product Meetings

Amneet Bains
Amneet Bains
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How can we make our product development meetings more effective and productive? I want to share three of my favourite GenAI tools that are already making a splash.

Product and Engineering meetings are vital to the success of any SaaS company, but no one wants to prep, attend or catch up on inefficient meetings.

Luckily, the emergence of GenAI tools means we can supercharge your meeting time and efforts.

Here are the best tools I’ve tried so far:

1. Stepsize AI for Product Development Meetings 

You might call it a release update, product development meeting or leadership update. But once or twice a month, engineering and product teams get together to share progress and discuss issues and opportunities. 

The burden of running and preparing for these meetings tends to fall on an Engineering or Product Manager, who has to trawl through issue trackers like Jira and Linear to piece together a narrative and calculate key metrics. 

Enter Stepsize AI – a tool we’re building on our team at Stepsize. It plugs into issue trackers like Jira and Linear and automatically pumps out a detailed update. The accuracy is great; it uses AI magic to identify and group the most important tasks and events correctly. The update contains:

  • A high-level summary of what happened (100% TLDR proof) 
  • Key metrics like velocity, completion and allocation
  • A detailed breakdown of the most important projects and how far they got

The best thing about it? It’s completely automatic and generated by AI! This means you can get an update every single week, with zero effort.

The first update is free, all you need to do is plug in your issue tracker. Try it out on your own data here.

2. Spinach for Meeting Actions

We’ve all been exposed to some sort of tool that records and transcribes meetings at this point, however, that is often only half the battle. You will most likely still need to summarise the meeting and create action points for participants.

That’s where Spinach comes in. It uses GenAI to provide summaries for agile meeting outcomes, which allows the participants to stay engaged without worrying about note-taking. 

The big differentiator here is that you actually don’t have to read transcripts or watch the recordings to understand what happened. Spinach extracts the decisions and action items from the meeting and delivers them directly to your Slack. It can even suggest tickets that you can to Jira with a single click.

Get started on their starter plan for free, which includes GPT 3.5 processing. If you want GPT 4 processing, you’ll have to opt for their $100 per month pro plan. Just invite the Spinach bot to your next meeting and you’re good to go. They support standups, sprint plannings, retros and more.   

3. Sembly for a Meetings Chatbot

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could ask a meeting participant specific questions about a product and engineering meeting that you weren’t able to attend? That’s exactly what Sembly helps with.

Like Spinach, it too records, transcribes and provides insights about what was discussed, but it also lets you ask its chatbot (Semblian) any questions you might have. Semblian is like ‘ChatGPT’ for your meetings. You can ask it detailed questions, bounce ideas around or have it generate emails based on your meetings. 

This is game-changing for anyone who wasn’t able to attend the meeting and doesn’t want to sit through a 55-minute recording on 2x speed. 

You can get started for free on their website with a monthly recording limit of 4 hours. 

Never trawl through Slack, Jira or GitHub for updates again.

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How can we make our product development meetings more effective and productive? I want to share three of my favourite GenAI tools that are already making a splash.
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