Self-maintaining documentation for agile teams

Software development teams don't have time to waste on poor internal documentation. Stepsize paints a full picture of your codebase, automatically.

If you could spend all day writing code, what would you accomplish?

Engineering teams face too many distractions from shipping code.

Poorly-written documentation is one of the biggest impediments. Developers report this to be their greatest challenge at work, after "unrealistic expectations." Furthermore, a rapid software development cycle makes it difficult to maintain internal documentation.

On an agile team, you already have all the content you need to document your codebase.

It's all there within technical specs, user stories, commit messages, code reviews, support tickets, Slack conversations, and the other tools you rely on. Collectively, these data points create the single source of truth behind your codebase.

Stepsize automatically pieces together your data to maintain version-controlled documentation.


Your docs are sync’d with Git and stay up to date automatically.


What belongs together lives together: tickets, designs, pull requests, etc.


Create custom views for your team. We’ll keep everything up to date.

⚡️ Immediate

Your docs don’t start off empty – your whole codebase is indexed automatically.

🌎 Connected

Everything is connected – no more going from Git to GitHub to Jira to InVision, etc.

🔍 Searchable

Find any piece of content & quickly navigate to any view with the global search.

Always free for open source software

⏳ Save time

Expedite your development process

  • With automated internal documentation, devs don't need to lose time deciphering old code
  • Cut out the need to monitor documentation for your contributors

🙋 Broaden your contributor base

Attract contributors of all stripes

  • Pull in knowledge about your entire product, not just the codebase
  • Stepsize is accessible to not-so-technical roles, too

👯 Support new contributors

First-time contributors get a comprehensive view of your software

  • See every decision that shaped your codebase, bringing context and clarity to your codebase
  • Our take is more comprehensible to first-timers than simply staring at lines of code

🌎 Prioritize public docs

Give public documentation the attention it needs

  • In open source, a clear and usable public documentation is vital
  • Spend more time maintaining your public docs for a great user experience