Reliably measure technical debt. Track progress. Keep it in check.

Engineers spend 33% of their time dealing with technical debt. It is the number one drain on engineering productivity and morale. It is the most pressing existential threat to modern software companies (source: Stripe Research).

Yet, we have no way to measure it consistently and objectively.

Why is it so hard for software companies to decide when, where, and how to tackle technical debt?

Because they don't have the tools to make this a data-driven decision.

Today, they rely on every engineer to argue their case, but they're unsure where to focus their efforts for maximum impact, and don't know how well they're doing.

They're in the dark.

Stepsize calculates and tracks reliable tech debt metrics from tools engineers use every day.

It taps into varied datasets to compute contextualised metrics that are insightful & actionable. This empowers engineering leaders to understand technical debt, develop strategies to tackle it, and measure their impact on the engineering organisation’s health and productivity over time.

Stepsize is a SaaS solution for software companies to reliably measure and manage technical debt.