Automatic knowledge base for modern codebases

Modern codebases are dynamic, knowledge bases are static. Automatically transform data naturally created during the development process into a living, breathing knowledge base to ship better code faster.

Why does it take so long for engineers to truly understand their company's codebase?

Modern codebases are dynamic, knowledge bases are static.

The increasing speed at which agile teams ship code makes it impossible to maintain their knowledge base. Yet, this institutional knowledge is the biggest driver of engineering productivity.

Institutional knowledge can be found in software systems of record.

It's all there within technical specs, user stories, commit messages, code reviews, support tickets, Slack conversations, and the other tools you rely on. Collectively, these data points create the single source of truth behind your codebase.

Stepsize connects to GitHub and Jira and automatically pieces your data together to create your living, breathing knowledge base.