Identify, prioritise, and pay back technical debt within VSCode

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Continuous tech debt monitoring

Catch & fix crucial issues before things get out of hand

A legacy system becomes a legacy system when we fail to tactically pay off key pieces of debt as the system grows.

This is extremely difficult to do in fast changing environments — our refactoring budget is dwarfed by the number of potential refactoring targets, so addressing specifically the most pressing issues is key.

Stepsize allows you to thrive in these conditions.

Quantitative debt signals

We’ve developed algorithms to surface quantitative tech debt signals.

These aren't your run-of-the-mill linting rules about using template strings instead of string concatenation.

Stepsize analyses your team's behaviour across the codebase and blends it with semantic understanding of the code to identify the domains, modules, classes, and functions where debt is piling up.

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We're working with select companies and open source projects.

  • Snyk
  • AppDirect
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Being able to reliably measure tech debt – and more importantly, progress on addressing tech debt – is huge. There isn't any software organization that doesn't need this data.

Mathew Spolin, VP of Engineering at AppDirect

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