Built with Security in Mind

Security has been our top priority from the start. It's built into everything we do, and we're constantly working to keep your data safe. We're always happy to talk about it.

Your data, your choice

Stepsize AI gives you granular precision during our set-up process to choose exactly which channels, projects and repositories you’d like our AI to use to create your updates.

Your data is never used to train AI

We prioritise the privacy and integrity of our customer data above all else. Your data will never be used to train any Large Language Models (LLMs).

SOC2 Certification (Q2 2024)

Stepsize is on track to achieve SOC 2 certification by Q2 2024. This milestone underscores our steadfast dedication to ensuring security and data protection for our users.

Robust 256-bit encryption

We leverage the strength of Google Cloud Platform's security architecture by using their 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) for encryption at rest and in transit, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your data at all times.

API-level integrations

Our integrations with platforms like Slack, GitHub, and Jira are performed in full compliance with their stringent API-level authentication requirements. We respect and adhere to the permissions you grant us, giving you full control over our access.

Continuous improvement

Our focus on security doesn't end with the measures in place today; we're always looking forward. By staying aligned with the latest security standards and best practices, we aim to continuously improve, so your data remains safeguarded.