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Use GenAI to Report on Product Development

Keep engineering management and leadership informed, with automated weekly updates based on your issue tracker activity.

Jira & Linear Agile Software Development Reporting & Analytics
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2-week free trial. No credit card needed for the first update.

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Stepsize AI: Agile Sprint Reporting tool for Jira Dashboards & Linear
Stepsize AI powers the best engineering teams

Stepsize analyses your issue tracker to generate digestible updates on the progress of teams and projects, every week


Leverages AI to observe, group, and summarise the sprint themes and goals to get everyone up to speed quickly.


Monitors product development metrics and highlights key actionable insights with sources, so you can easily investigate if needed.


Enables you to understand product development progress at a glance.
Take action on unexpected patterns and understand the flow of progress.


Zooms into specific projects to give you all the details you need about product development progress.

Built with security in mind

Sprint Reporting, Sprint Review and Scrum Velocity Metrics Tools Data Protection

Your data,
your choice

Choose exactly which boards or teams are included in your updates.

Scrum Analytics Dashboard AI Software Security

Your data is never used to train AI

Your data will never be used to train any Large Language Models (LLMs).

Scrum Velocity & Agile Metrics Status Reports for Agile KPIs

SOC2 Certification
(Q1 2024)

We're steadfast in ensuring security and data protection for our users.

Results in days, not months

SenseHawk saved 50+ hours per week by cancelling their status meetings

“Stepsize is the only tool that actually led me to cancel a recurring meeting. My team gets automatic AI updates of what everyone is up to, so we can jump on blockers and opportunities ASAP. It’s a game-changer”

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Saideep Talari
CTO at SenseHawk